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Sell My House Fast in Cincinnati

If you’re thinking about selling your home in Cincinnati, check out these videos to see what it takes to sell for more money in less time.

Topics include:


“Marketing Your Home Effectively”

  • Pro tips and marketing strategies designed to help you sell quickly for top dollar


“Understanding the Selling Process”

  • Step-by-step tutorial of the entire home selling process, including how to find a buyer, how to avoid the common mistakes sellers make, and how to get your buyer to the closing table


“Reviewing Your Options”

  • Whether you plan to list and sell your home on your own or hire professional help, learn about your options and the pros and cons of each


Topics include:



  • Improve the quality of your home and the quality of your listing



  • Price your home and position it to sell fast for the most money



  • Leverage the MLS, social media, and SEO to reach the maximum number of potential buyers


Topics include:



  • Create excitement about your listing and prepare your home to show at its best



  • Understand the most important contract terms and your rights and responsibilities 



  • Leverage your position to get the terms you want without losing your buyer



  • What to expect from the inspection report and which repairs you need to complete before closing



  • What happens if the appraised value is lower than the purchase price



  • Review the final steps required to close the sale of your home



Topics include:



  • Determine whether the convenience of selling without listing is worth the cost of selling at a discount


“For Sale By Owner”

  • What to expect if you sell on your own and how much you could save


“Flat Fee / Limited Service Agents”

  • Compare discount agents to selling on your own or working with a traditional agent


“Traditional Agents”

  • Understand the pros and cons of working with a traditional full-service agent


“Our Approach”

  • Choose from a menu of services and only pay for what you need



    Traditional Listing 


    • “one size fits all” plan with no customization
    • pay for services you may not need
    • no discounts
    • long-term contract

    Our Approach


    • choose from a menu of services to fit your needs
    • only pay for what you need
    • bundle services to save money
    • short-term contract

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