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Patrick Grosser

I love real estate for the same reason that I love Cincinnati.

It’s all about family!


I grew up on the west side of Cincinnati, where family is the focus. I had strong ties to my community, but I wanted a change of scenery after high school. That’s why I moved away for college.

My wife and I met in my first year there. We both majored in music and played in a few musical ensembles together. Our love of music sparked our relationship and inspired our careers. Within a few years, my wife and I were both working full-time in music. We were living our dream!

But we had a bigger dream. We wanted to have children. And we wanted to raise them near my family in Cincinnati. It was a tough decision to restart our careers, but we knew it would be the best move for our family.

Several years and three children later, we would do it all over again.

Back then, we didn’t know that the move we made for our family would become the best move for our careers as well.

Our first few years back in Cincinnati, my wife stayed at home with our kids while I worked full-time in sales. We bought a home and paid our bills on time, but we weren’t happy. We wanted more income potential and more freedom to make our own schedule.

That’s why we decided that I should jump into the real estate business. 


It sounded like more fun than my previous jobs. Plus, it offered unlimited income potential and a flexible schedule. What could go wrong?

Well, it’s been a roller coaster ride, to say the least! We had good times when we felt like we were on top of the world. But we also had tough times when we didn’t know when my next check was coming.

But we pushed through the hard times, because we knew there was light at the end of the tunnel. Now, we have the freedom with our budget and our time that we dreamed about.

I love helping families because I can relate.

We all want to raise our families in a safe neighborhood with great schools. We want our homes to meet our families’ needs. And as our needs change, we want our homes to change along with us.

Home is more than a place to live – it’s a feeling. As you move into your new home, how you feel in that new space is most important to your family.

And the journey that takes you there doesn’t have to be stressful. My proven process – The Smooth Move – will help you feel at ease.

You’re following in the footsteps of many other families who have completed the same journey. All you need to do is take the first step.



Patrick is unbelievable!! If you need a realtor that is knowledgeable, understanding, hardworking, and fun. CALL PATRICK!!

We wanted to downsize, and we really didn’t have to move. We wanted to take our time and find the ‘perfect’ home to retire in. Patrick was so kind and understanding. He was quick to respond and would have an appointment to look at house in a few hours. Being so patient when each one didn’t make the cut!!

FINALLY, after 3 years we found a house!! He never stopped working to see we were taking care of throughout the purchase. He is a wonderful realtor and person!! If you want a great realtor. Call him!!!!! Thank you Patrick for just being you!!

Dave & Maryann

Anyone looking to buy or sell… Patrick is the best! He helped us sell our home in a week! AND worked to get our offer in, the first day our new house went on the market!

He always makes himself available to answer any questions, no matter how silly you might think they are. Patrick is so knowledgeable about the market and all procedures. He works to get the deal done for you, he always has your best interest in mind.

We are so happy we chose Patrick to list our home for sale and represent us in buying our new home! I can’t say it enough, thank you Patrick!!!

Tyler & Kelly

Patrick did a great job and was extremely helpful! This was our first time selling a house and Patrick was there to answer all of our questions as soon as they came up. Patrick was very responsive to all feedback coming from potential buyers.

I would highly recommend Patrick and will continue to use him on future home sales and purchases.

Peter & Jen

I had the opportunity to work with Patrick on my home search. Patrick has been an excellent support with his knowledge of the area and his attention to details.

He was able to point out critical items that I would normally not have noticed, as a first home buyer. He was also available when required and his responses to queries were also fast.

I would definitely recommend Patrick to any home buyer.


We used Patrick when we sold our last house and bought our current one. He did a great job for us.

He is a family man and trustworthy. We recommend him very highly!

Ben & Kelle

Patrick was amazing during our purchase of a house. He helped us locate the perfect home on the market, in an area that would allow our children to go to the same school as they currently are.

We had a particularly stressful time during our mortgage process, with a lender none of us turned out to enjoy, but Patrick was always available to answer questions or assist us in the home buying process, right until closing.

Patrick was honest with us, in opinions on houses, about fees and other real estate related items, and in his advice during negotiations and lender and title company discussions. And he really went out of his way to advocate for us and stayed on the phone and in email conversations coordinating solutions to problems.

It was great working with him, and my wife and I genuinely couldn’t have asked for more from a real estate agent, from a buyer’s perspective. Thanks so much Patrick!

Jeff & Alicia